Flash and Pics Control

Flash and Pics Control 2.4

Developer UnH Solutions

Flash and Pics Control is a free add-on for Internet Explorer.

Chilkat Upload ActiveX

Chilkat Upload ActiveX 9.4

Developer Chilkat Software Inc

The Upload ActiveX is used to upload files over HTTP and HTTPS to a web server.

ABarCode ActiveX

ABarCode ActiveX 5.7

Developer ABarCode Software

ABarcode ActiveX allows you to print bar codes in any Windows® application.

Ipswitch WS_FTP Home

Ipswitch WS_FTP Home 11.0

Developer Ipswitch Inc.

Ipswitch WS_FTP Home application is an easy to use FTP client for the web.


Camfrog WEB Activex

Fifi Chat Server

Fifi Chat Server 1.9

Developer Haicheng Wang

*Build your own web based chat room on your pc. *Works without web server! *No Java + no ActiveX...

Fortis Web ActiveX

Fortis Web ActiveX 2.4

Developer Westbrook Technologies, Inc.

Camfrog Web Browser

Camfrog Web Browser 1.0

Developer BypAnThEr Software

HtmlSnap ActiveX Control

HtmlSnap ActiveX Control 1.0

Developer PolestarSoft.com

HtmlSnap ActiveX is a component to convert HTML files, plain text files or Web Archive Format(*.MHT)...

Project Web Access ActiveX

Project Web Access ActiveX 11.0

Developer Microsoft

Argus DVR

Argus DVR 1.2

Developer Argus Surveillance Inc.

The program has own web server, which is active all the time.


WebMixer 3.0


WebMixer: Create and upload web multimedia animations without programming.

External Link Promotion

External Link Promotion 1.0

Developer Web Site Optimization Software

External Link Promotion: Easy powerful web link popularity & google pagerank boost tool. Easy to fi...

Image Web Server ActiveX Controls

Image Web Server ActiveX Controls 1.6

Developer Earth Resource Mapping

Domino Web Access ActiveX

Domino Web Access ActiveX 7.0

Developer IBM


Camfrog WEB Activex

1E Web WakeUp ActiveX

1E Web WakeUp ActiveX 6.5

Developer 1E

1E Web WakeUp ActiveX is a program for administrations of a PC's from a network.

Edraw Viewer Component for Excel

Edraw Viewer Component for Excel 8.0

Developer EDrawSoft

Make your application display and interact with MS Excel files.


WebPage2TifConverter 4.3

Developer Pobosoft

Enables you to convert a web page(with Flash/javascript/ActiveX) to TIF.


WebPage2PngConverter 4.3

Developer Pobosoft

Web Page to PNG converter enables you convert a web page to PNG.

Accusoft Prizm Viewer PDF MSI

Accusoft Prizm Viewer PDF MSI 10.0

Developer Accusoft Corporation.

This tool delivers documents from central repositories to your users on the Web.

Camfrog Web Advanced ActiveX Plugin

Camfrog Web Advanced ActiveX Plugin 2.0

Developer Camshare Inc.

With this plug-in your website visitors can video-conference through a web page.

Kermit Web

Kermit Web 1.0

Developer MyFrogTools

Kermit Web is an extension for Camfrog Web that provides you with many features.

Web Camera Play ActiveX

Web Camera Play ActiveX 1.5

Developer Weecall Ltd.

CIS - NFTS Web ActiveX

CIS - NFTS Web ActiveX

Developer INS

MDM Web Client ActiveX

MDM Web Client ActiveX 1.0

Developer Westpac Group



Developer Artis Multimedia LTD

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